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An elevator needs regular maintenance ti insurance its optimal performance. the enactment plan can guarantee the reliable operation of your elevator. SMOOTH ELEVATOR maintenance focus on preventive maintenance. It’s a company who is dedicate to the best people flow solutions., SMOOTH ELEVATOR provides you with service excellence 365 days a year, 2487.

We will continually improve business process and operating performance to better meet our customers exceptions through the delivery to reliable services around- the clock.

Movement is a process by which a body change its lactation. That’s the theory. In practice, movement is more,”movement is part of our nature,” said the french philosopher blaise pascal 350 years ago. On the following pages we invite you to discover the fascinating facts of a physical principle and how elevator serves them with its diverse products range.

the Company, aiming to produce projects in conformity with quality, cost, schedule requirement to contribute the future of the employee and elevator sector in the right way, and the same time, to provide competitive products with high performance in the market concentrated all its efforts to broaden its activities with an extra ordinary fastidiously.