Hospital Lift

We offer Hospital Lifts for Hospitals for easy transportation of bulky equipments as well as patients. These are apt to meet the modern day hospital needs. These have sophisticated looks with high functionality.

Hydraulic Lift

Smooth elevator goal it to standardize you hydraulic elevator package requirements with pre engineed design. However customers need is an strength, our ability to fabricate everything under one root allow us to supply custom application at competitive prices.

Technical Advantages In Detail

• Smooth operation is assured from start to final stop
• Valves are self purging ,no air bleed required, self cleaning filter requires no services
• Lower noise level through turbulence suppressors
• Will not stall through overloaded hot oil
• Valve bores hard anodized for low friction and long life
• All external surfaces are non-corrosive
• Integrated options such as ball valve and hand pump, simplify purchasing and installation
• Four standard tools meet servicing requirements
• Moving internal parts are fail safe design to limit down over speed
• Valve are factory adjusted to customers technical data zero clearance orifice adjustments avoids performance stray through tolerances can be installed with adjustments facing to the front or upwards
• Adjustments are friction secured to prevent vibration shift of settings
• All adjustments are on the front face of the valve
• Adjustments functions are international across-language symbolized
• Pre-adjustemnts for initial runs can be made without operating the elevator

MRL Lift

MRL elevator saves a significant amount of energy (estimated at 70-80%) as compared to Hydalicelevators.The power feeders for the MRL are also significantly reduced due to the more efficient design and the counter balancing provided with traction equipment.

The MRL elevators utilises a gearless traction type machine which results in superior performance and right quality. MRL’s can also operate as faster speeds thus increasing the perception of quality over a conventional.

• Gearless permanent magnet machine
• Low top over run
• 4-16 passenger load range(300-1088kg)
• Smooth ride (first class roller shoe suspension)
• Cabin finishes to choice
• Versatile landing and car door configurations
• First installation method and time
• 1:1 roping system a solid feel in the cabin
• Earth quick friendly with jigged guiding
• Shallow pits etc
• Time and money saving Benefits –long life cycle, low running cost,easy installation and service, cost effective elevator application

Panorama Lift

A journey through the scenery is just a button push away Smooth, swift and quiet creting perfect ride comfort in high-speed elevators is ascience, requiring complete understanding of the complex forces.

Stair Lift

Stair Lifts are available in various dimensions and can be custom designed based on the requirements of the clients.

Traction Lift

SMOOTH Traction pridesitself with providing our customers with Traction packages for the most popular capacity, speed and sizes. With reliable machines and controllers to meet the customers needs and requirements as well as satisfaction.

Motor Gear Specification

• Maximum static load (3000kg)
• Gear ratio is 1/52
• Power Range 3.7KW
• Brake voltage is 110 V.D.C ,220 V.D.C
• Sheave Range is 530
• Weight of machine is 290 kg (Approx)