Welcome to Smooth Elevator

SMOOTH ELEVATOR is a global concern with business activities focused on the areas of the steel, capital goods and services. We have some well developed products and services to meet the challenge of the future. In all size segment steel, stainless, automotive, technologies, elevator and services they provided high quality solution to people needs and our customer’s requirements.

SMOOTH ELEVATOR has been building a reputation for creating break through the make getting around more comfortable, safe, and even inspiring. Take our spiral elevator, for example. A original, it’s not only fun to ride, but has opened up entire new possibility in public space design.It’s development required years of dedicates efforts to overcome the immense physical, technical and mechanical challenges involved.

Our Products

Improved safety and accessibility begin at the door

Smooth lift provided a silent ride tracking systems for every size opening. Our entrance are easily installed and can be mounted without a running car. Our frames are upgrade able to our customer requirements and finishes. individually adapted doors, door frames, and operating dements emphasize the at atmosphere of each of the building and make every arrival a pleasurable event.

M.S Collapsible Door

Imperforater Door

M.S Swing Door

S.S Glass Swing Door

M.S Central Opening

GlassCentral Opening

Chairman’s Message

 I have great pleasure in introducing you to our Business . Smoth Elevator reflects our vision to become a Centre of Excellence comparable to the best in the Odisha for producing variety of high quality elevators.Our objective is to provide manufacturing technology and solutions that will help our customers to become more productive, competitive and profitable.

Our Vision


Guided by quality, consistency, flexibility, fast service, innovation and development, we are forward and looking to the future.



We reward honesty and ethics, we tell the truth and we do not suport immorality in any area. First we make self criticism and the we criticize other s. We do what we say we’ll do. We are fair. these are qualities that customers value in lifts companies.